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PEGFi provides a fully integrated, licensed and compliant interoperable Web 2.0 global payment ecosystem and fintech product offering to service the financial requirements of Web 3.0 organizations, guilds, communities and strategic partnerships.

PEGFi provides universal cash-in/cash-out solutions with credit/debit cards, digital wallets, cryptocurrency, NFT’s, OTC, cash or otherwise all within a single global financial network ecosystem.

Specifically in support of the NFT market, PEGFi marries cryptocurrency and fiat transactions and provides for fund payouts through the issuance to users of licensed and approved prepaid cards covering worldwide markets.

Network Effects Create Multiple Avenues for Growth

PEGFi Network Ecosystem

The network effects of the PEGFi Ecosystem reinforces the strength of its product offerings, and creates a single easy to use platform to launch new technology and innovative solutions for business partners and consumers

Why PEGFi?

When it comes to the facilitation of payments, digital, cryptocurrency or otherwise, in order to be successful long term, issues in regard to data privacy, payment fraud, regulation and compliance must be considered absolute critical path items.

PEGFi Global Card Programs represent active, operating, real-world solutions to Web 3.0 financial “pain points”


Typical Card Deployment Issues

Incredibly complex legal and regulatory framework, huge amounts of time and investment capital required

PEGFi is the Answer

PEGFi consolidates everything FINTECH into a single API universally unified payment solution for Web 3.0

Card Program Features


Card Program

Rapid & Low Cost to


Principal Program Benefits



Off the Shelf Solution

Start in no time


Brand with your logo/design

Full API Stack

Build/integrate with your existing interface


Global ewallet with multi-currency and multi-language

Wide Coverage

Wide coverage for card issuance


Onboarding, KYC, Mass-payout

Form Factors

Virtual card, plastic card, metal card, NFC mWallet

Value Adds

Customer support, alerts, PCI DSS level 1 security

Remittance & Forex

Cash-in / Cash-out

PEGFi – Remittance as a Service+ (RaaS+) – offers a celebrity supported rewards program in providing OFW’s with global OTC and Mobile payout solutions

Disruptive online money transfer service by using:

    • Cloud & automation technology
    • Blockchain / DLT

Customers can directly pay for their property loans, insurance, bills & more. Gives more control on their remittances

Robust back-end: Automated AML & KYC + Risk Analysis & Fraud Mitigation system

Our unique way of expanding to other geographic markets by integrating our platform with leadership partners in their prospective markets

Numerous Value Added Services that are relevant to OFW’s, domestic and international remitters and their beneficiaries

Partners will have the ability to utilize a native proprietary technology, associated licenses and compliance expertise

PEGFi bridges financial infrastructures, advances emerging markets, provides transparency, increases security, reduces costs and speeds up global value transfers for all. A robust plug and play single unified technology offering that integrates into both centralized and decentralized communities and is driven by a globally regulated, compliant digital, fiat, cryptocurrency and NFT fintech payment network infrastructure.

Agency Banking
KYC Compliance
e-Wallet Core Banking
B2B | B2C | P2P Payments
Acquisition Payment Processing


Agency Banking

KYC Compliance

e-Wallet Core Banking

B2B | B2C | P2P Payments

Acquisition Payment Processing


A seamless and intuitive payments infrastructure that enables customers to transfer their funds to tokens and back out again


  • Crypto to crypto
  • Crypto to fiat
  • Blockchain to Blockchain
  • Wrapped token in exchange for
    native tokens

Global Markets Served

General Market

General Market

Crypto Market

Crypto Market

NFT Community

NFT Market

Gig Economy

Gig Economy


Global Issuing and Acquiring

Regulated, Compliant
and Secure

International Payment Ecosystem

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