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A Community that provides opportunities for your financial freedom and growth through gaming.

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PEG is the Philippines’ first Gaming guild founded by a highly respected actress and celebrity – Yassi Pressman. Supported by a vast network of some of Asia’s most prominent Mainstream Influencers and KOL’s, Yassi and the energetic team at PEG passionately strive to help to educate Filipinos who join their community membership, to create sustainable, profitable job opportunities for themselves and their loved ones through their participation in Blockchain P2E gaming.

What We Offer

The Best Gateway to the Metaverse

We provide opportunities to earn and grow into the most prominent gaming guild in the Philippines.
PEG invites its community members into an inclusive business culture that promotes self-improvement and unity, while focusing on sharing the educational tools that target the individual opportunities that exist for community members to use Web3.0 to develop financial freedom for themselves and their families.

Total Gamers

We have hundreds of Active members in our discord channel with scholars participating directly in Axie Infinity and Pegaxy.
With more games continually releasing, and numerous new games in the PEG pipeline, we have infinite scholarships to offer.

Our Split

Our guild offers an initial 60/40 split with it’s scholars. Performing scholars can earn up to a 50/50 shared revenue on our games.

60/40 SPLIT

Games We Play

Hottest Games

PEG has unique working relationships giving it early VIP access to the latest and most popular blockchain P2E games to hit the market placing PEG at the forefront of where the P2E sector is going – who does this benefit? OUR AMAZING SCHOLARS!!!

From the imminent release of Crytpo Unicorns, to the upcoming sci-fi card battle game Rebel Bots, PEG is here to offer our community members a ‘Golden Gateway’ to the world of blockchain P2E gaming.

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